Xact Studios LLC

Studio Time ...

A Unique Photographic Learning Experience for Those Willing to Have Fun & Take Risks !

Studio Time is a new weekly photo class, exploring various photo techniques and tricks. This hands-on, fun, learning environment will present students with various photo challenges. Through shooting portraits, glass, water, various materials, people, flash/no flash, flowers, skies, nature, and movement - you will learn techniques to improve your images.

The challenges will be endless. You will learn many photographic and composition techniques. There will be creative challenges, lighting challenges and exercises in color and composition. You will learn to use various camera modes and settings to get the most out of your image capture. In addition you will learn photo editing enhancement techniques as well as learning how to prepare images to make the High Quality prints.


Jim Roselli, Jim LaSala, Nancy Edwards

Equipment: Digital SLR Camera and Lenses

Optional Equipment: Laptop Computer with Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or Light Room.

Cost: $100 month/4 classes

Time: 1.5 hours per week.

Thursday's at 1:00PM

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