Xact Studios LLC

Michael Zide

Michael Zide Renowned Black & White Photographer, Educator, Moab Master.

What Michael say's about Xact Studios LLC ...

I am fortunate to have found someone of Jim Roselli’s exactness, reliability and even more, his fine tuned aesthetic awareness that can take my digital file and make it absolutely luminous on any of my Moab papers of choice.

As a photographer and educator, much of my reputation in the area of black and white fine art landscape photography relies on getting my work before the public, showing in gallery settings or during educational talks. When my prints need to be larger than I can handle, I rely on Jim to take my files, apply his magic, and make them come alive and sing. The result is truly collaboration between what I saw in my mind’s eye, and his ability to help me realize that potential in print form. He has a highly educated and caring touch in creating prints. Whether in color or in black and white, Jim’s printing plays an important role in my exhibition work.